How to Get Through This Mini-Apocalypse


Update: The meteors had been planned for mid to late 2021 as a start date. As nature actually does take a back seat to civilization wide educational goals, there has been a delay. The soonest the first Meteor will hit is November 2021, and even then it is likely too soon. A number of things have not gone as well as originally planned for this transition to Peace. We are on track once again, but a bit delayed. Same plan holds. We still are going to an Era of Peace, but the meteor and natural disaster stuff has been delayed. End update and back to the article as originally written.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a BIG difference between meteors that can wipe out a city and those that would end all life on Earth. We will have the city-killer sized meteors coming. We will not have the planet killer sized ones coming. Any problems with meteors will be more or less local. Yes tsunami(s) are a concern.

In the time before the meteors started to hit the Earth, the media was mostly silent on them. Scientists did not give warning that they were coming. When the first of them hit, I would bet that they still will act surprised, as if they did not know what was going to happen. Remember that I am writing this page in June of 2020. As of this date, the world still thinks that anyone seriously thinking multiple meteors will actually hit is a crazy person. Yet if you are looking at this page once they have started, then you should see that yes people did know. They just did not tell you.

In the years leading up to 2021, 22, 23, and 24, there actually were quite a large number of near Earth objects that passed by. At first, one that came close to one lunar distance was enough to scare many who were monitoring the situation. Soon enough, it was old hat and distances well within that distance were so commonplace that only something in danger of grazing the atmosphere would raise concern.

Yes I know those emotions depend on the person, but the point is that meteors did started coming a lot closer, and they were constantly swept under the media rug, so as not to raise any suspicions. So what did they know and when did they know it? Honestly, [they] knew for quite a while. The Deep Underground Bunkers (Both military and non) were built well in advance. Many vast networks of underground transit systems were developed and built as well. So it turns out the only ones not to be told were the rank and file in society that [they] believed were likely going to be wiped out anyways.

Yes you did hear that right. You the reader were one of the many people that the elite of this Earth thought were almost certainly going to die anyways, so why tell you about it? Keep things in perspective though. Even the most secret and advanced of dark military projects did not actually know where the meteors would hit. They THOUGHT that they did, but no they did not.

So why do I know and them not? Well quite simply, they are horrid individuals who would blow up the Earth if they were not constantly being controlled/manipulated/forced not to do so. They are the biggest spoiled brats that this world has. There is no moral reason why they should know. You can believe it or no, but you the reader are part of the group that actually did need the protection. I represent the Eternal society (and any good ETs) that help. Where will it be safe? Well, they are monitoring the situation real time, and will protect assets real time as needed. It may not always seem like that is true, but it is.

I am forbidden to list all of the safe places and all of the cities that are projected to be hit. Please note the NO SUCH ACCURATE MAP EXISTS!. There is a map of safe places, and ones that will get hit. On many of the maps that you can find online, the US gets wiped out in dramatic fashion. You can even hear tales of top military brass buying houses in very specific US locations they believe to be safe. Please understand that the leadership is exactly the group that was NOT allowed to get accurate information. NO ACCURATE MAP was given, and false maps were very carefully given over some years to mislead them.

The US is a safe area. I do know more places that are safe and many places which absolutely are not. As I am forbidden to write them, I must carefully give just enough for you to know how to keep safe. Basically, stand in holy places. Remember that not every place that claims to be holy actually is holy. There are a number of places which outwardly acts as the most holy places on the planet, but are not. Wicked people need fear. This includes any who seek after constant war or domination over all others. It could be religious domination, political or financial domination, or other. Any form of trying to impose will with an iron fist is NOT TOLERATED!

So as you can see, the only safety is with protection. The only protection is based on being truly nice to each other, and honestly loving and caring for others. Yes there are a lot who say that but actually hate all ideologies other than their own. That is also not okay.

Those that are protecting us are kind and wise. If we seek to be kind and wise, we may be shaken a bit and rattled here and there, but will ultimately be safe. If you can stay in the US, or other protected areas, then do so (most of Europe, N+S America, probably Australia for example). Remember, any peaceful souls who could not be saved will go to paradise. But remember that the protected peoples are safe and the society will NOT turn into a mad house. It WILL have a glorious rebuilding and the whole entire world will become (with a lot of hard work) a wonderful highly advanced and prosperous world of Peace.

Remember that it is not just meteors. There are a lot of odd things that have been happening and will be happening. Humanity is safe. We will get through this.