How to Get Through This Mini-Apocalypse

How Can I Prepare or Survive This

Depending on what part of this Tribulation you are in, it may or may not yet be obvious to you that in some cases, there is no way to prepare for this. While that certainly will not apply to all, you either have seen or will see meteors taking out various cities without basically any notice, or tsunami(s) making for a very bad day in certain places that I am not supposed to mention. In those cases, bunkers, food storage, a 72 hour kit to go are all not going to do anything. You may as well bring a squirt gun to put out a forest fire. If you live in a place slated to have a bad day, prepare by prayer. You will either get guidance or comfort. Both are important.

Fortunately most reading this will be in a protected area. When I say protected area, I specifically do not mean that we get to skate through on easy street lounging on beach chairs drinking frozen fruit drinks. In the protected areas, you have already seen a mess of odd things such as you never at any point would have believed would happen, say if you could have told your 2016 self about it. Lets face it, if you could hypothetically go back in time and tell that 2016 self about all that is coming chance are you would not have believed it. So the odd stuff will continue. Remember, there is a difference between inconvenience, sheer terror, and actual harm. We are protected from actual long term harm. We are specifically NOT protected from inconvenience, loss of personal property, or things that may be scary,

I know that many may still not want to hear that we are protected, but this is key to what you need to do to get though this mess. Remember, without their help, we too would be just like the other places that get wiped out with nothing that can be done about it by anyone. They are not causing nature to be rough. They are just stepping it to help those who will listen and be peaceful. So without their help we would have all become extinct here. Those that are protecting us have certain boundaries and guidelines they have set, and if you stick with those, you will be safer and get through this will fewer problems. They are the ones protecting us, so they do get to set guidelines. As I am the authorized representative and witness for the divine beings that are in ultimate charge of protecting us, I do have the authority to give what those guidelines are.

The first thing that they ask is prayer or whatever your personal method is for asking for their help, the spirit, or whatever guidance and protection you seek. The first stage for many is to roll the eyes at that, and state something like that this is somehow not helpful and not something people are willing to do when their life is literally on the line. If you are reading this well into the tribulation nature is bringing, I do not think most will be the least bit hesitant to try prayer. Another really big worry that people have is not the willingness to try asking for help in prayer, but rather concern over their own ability to hear things when needed. Many just do not feel that they too are able to hear directions when needed, even if their life is on the line. In this case, you just will have to trust those who have asked you to reach out to them. It is their job to make sure you are told things in a way you can get it, and they are very capable and flexible in how they do that. You may or may not be very confident in the process, but they have more than enough ability to make sure you get the idea of what is needed to keep you safe.

Next thing is that different events will affect different regions in different ways. There is no one thing I can tell everyone. Know your region. Know the evacuation routes, and possible areas that can flood. Knowing the elevations of places can help. Do you know of a lesser known back road that can lead you to safety? Do you know if it has any low areas or other potential problem spots that could become impassible and trap you in case of an emergency? Lets face it, most will not need to evacuate at any point. The unlucky ones in certain places overseas will not need or be able to evacuate, as there will not be enough notice. Those here in the protected areas will mostly not need to evacuate because nothing will be bad enough to warrant that. If you live in an area prone to having hurricanes or other things where you realistically could have to get moving on short notice, be ready. Study out possible routes well before hand. Have a 72 hour kit (including plenty of water) that you can load in the car at a moment’s notice.

The next area of concern are regional events that do not require evacuation. It will not seem so, but those protecting us are VERY AWARE of regional concerns that could endanger our lives. They will not step in for every little thing, but they are making sure that each region does not get more than it can handle. For example, in the Southwest region in the summer, and the North in the winter, neither area can be without power/gas for all that long without massive deaths due to heat or cold. In the places and seasons where it could lead to massive casualties, the outages will be limited to make sure that most either have power/gas, or can get somewhere fairly quickly that does. It can be hard for every single home to be guaranteed such, so the community should be flexible and help take care of its own. Also, if you live in the north, keeping a lot of extra blankets, and ideally gas or propane heaters with plenty of reserves can be a good idea, just in case you are one of the unlucky ones who cannot be taken care of as quickly as others, or somehow cannot get to a safe place for some reason. If you are not in a major metropolitan area, it may be a good idea to err on the side of being more well prepared. Also, if you have extra wood from landscaping then rather than throw it away, drying it out and putting it in the right pieces to be used for firewood may be a good idea. Wood can be used for heating or cooking if needed. If the power is out for a day or two, that can come in very handy.

What about Food? Yes food supplies will get worse. (Keep in mind that I am writing this article in June 2020, and most of the really difficult natural events are still in front of us when you read this.) Food will get more scarce. In the protected areas we will have enough food to get by. It will not always be everything that you may have wanted, but it will be calories and keep you going. There should always be something. Do have some reserves of food and water, and rotate these so that they do not get bad. I will make another page about food storage, so do look to that for more help on this subject. Outages and supply problems will be limited though. You will not need to eat off your food storage for a solid year straight. You should only need a few days supply. If you can get a two weeks supply always ready, that is good. I do have more myself though. It is good if you have more, but minimum get a to weeks supply with plenty of water, and a 72 hour kit that you can take with, just in case.

Lastly, self protection. Will you need a gun? Most people will not need one. We are entering the era of peace. The corrupt leaders are going away. The corrupt media already should be making a lot of progress in getting more honest, hopefully by the time that normal people are concerned enough to be looking for websites like this one. There will NOT be massive civil war in the US. There will NOT be the need to get militias and fight off rogue governments or large roving bands of hungry apocalypse type warlord led gangs. There always could be random nuts, or temporary panics though. As much as the general situation can easily be kept within certain boundaries, not every single situation in every single place can be. Know local laws, and be sure to follow them. Having a gun may be needed for some. There are many who only want non lethal solutions. That is admirable not to want to kill, but you also should be aware that if you get extremely unlucky and get some invader who is hopped up on the wrong substances, they can keep going through any amount of non lethal protection. They literally will not stop as long as they have breath. In that case, you may wish to have something to keep you safe. It is a personal decision. Most will not need personal protection. If you do not want to be unlucky, it may be a good idea.