How to Get Through This Mini-Apocalypse

Food and Medical Concerns

Food is a part of life many have come to take for granted. It has been everywhere, and lack of food was not an issue for almost anyone rich or poor who live in first world countries. With the plandemic and intended panic associated with it, we got a taste of what shortages can be like. A soft introduction to rationing happened, and the world went on. Yes many hoarded food, freezer sales were significant, and toilet paper went in short supply, but all in all we all got through it in pretty good comfort for the most part. There were some job losses and that is unfortunate, but things ran decently well.

Please note that this was just the beginning. If you are reading this at a time when the food shortages have hit again, then it may seem harder to prepare. It may seem scary and there may be concerns if we will keep having enough food to get by as this tribulation goes on. The purpose of this page is to explain what to expect, what not to expect, and what are appropriate and realistic precautions/preparations that can be taken at most points throughout this tribulation for most people. Remember, while it may not seem like it, we DO have help. Without that help, ALL humanity would be dead. Nature would have been too much for any to handle. The rich and powerful with their deep bunkers and many supplies would have then finished off humanity (as they are too violent, cruel, and short sighted to realistically be able to manage any sized society on their own without completely destroying it). The preparations that you can do DO NOT need to get you through as major of an apocalypse as movies and TV have led us to believe. Yes it seems scary (if you are reading this at a time when the events have already started), but looks in this case are deceiving. Do NOT panic and you will be able to get through this.

While there will be food shortages, some minimum level of food supplies will hold for most of the world throughout the entire length of this Tribulation from Nature. The selection and types of food may not be what everyone wants, but there will be enough food to get us all through this. Food supplies are dwindling for a number of reasons, but it has been carefully calculated based on where the food is produced, and the total world population before and after some large segments get wiped out by certain natural events (tsunami(s), meteors, other). Accounting for the differences in world population that we will have (do not worry if you are in a protected area) the food supply WILL LAST.

Why are food shortages coming (or already here if you are reading this once they have started)? You may have seen the many shutdowns and problems with the food supply chain caused by the plandemic. Yes that is one reason why certain types of food are in shorter supply than they would have been. You may have heard of weather warfare and manipulation with HAARP type technology. Yes it is true that such technology does not just exist, but also was used, and is another reason why things are as bad as they are. It is not the only reason. The fact of the matter is that it is also not just The Grand Solar Minimum either. A number of things in nature, mostly ultimately caused by natural events/phenomenon in space have been affecting the entire Earth. They would have caused massive problems either way no matter what games the corrupt deep state had in mind. The extreme weather manipulation and the supply chains in the plandemic would NOT have been possible to be as effective as they were had it not also been for nature. Yes it was nature that ultimately created a more unstable environment. The deep state then used that to make their weather manipulation more effective than it otherwise would have been. It also made it possible for every effort they did to be more effective. Basically, it is a lot easier to take down a system that is already not running well than it would be to take down a very healthy and quite robust one.

Those helping make sure we are not wiped out by this will make sure there are a basic minimum of supplies to keep us going. This does not mean that there are not concerns. This does not mean that you should not prepare. It does mean that the strategy you use may change what you invest in, and what you put your efforts towards. Knowing in general what problems we will have, and the things of actual real danger will help you not waste resources, and also be more well prepared for things that actually are coming.

The first concern is NOT food availability like you may be told elsewhere. It is lack of certain important types of food. The meat and protein supply, for example, has been attacked heavily by the deep state and ancient cabals. It was NOT a natural pandemic. It was an intentional plandemic. Meat processing was intentionally targeted. Keeping good sources of protein is important. Milk has been targeted as have been eggs. Of course you have seen a lot of fake meat replacements being pushed heavily in the past few years. There are great non meat sources of protein, but you DO need to be careful. Soy products, and other non meat alternatives are usually loaded full of problem chemicals. The fake whopper from Burger King was loaded with a ridiculous amount of estrogen, for example. Soy is heavily genetically modified and lots of very unhealthy chemicals are used in both growing and processing of the food. When making sure you have enough protein, please try to ensure some way of getting more natural sources of protein, and not heavily processed. The sources of protein rationed out in the worst times may not always be the most healthy. Beans, peanuts, and other more natural sources can supplement the meat supply if you cannot get as much meat as you may have been used to.

The next concern as I was mentioning in the last paragraph is the amount of chemicals used in the growth and processing of food. Yes most people have been conditioned to not just accept, but to crave highly processed food. They also have been conditioned to not even want the more healthy natural foods. The ones that do want natural foods have often been mislead to not worry about the chemicals in the growing of the food, and worry only about the things the media shows as what people are concerned about. Honestly, GMO has been done in an intentionally dangerous way. It was made deliberately to cause long term damage without showing way too many problems on a short term basis. Yes there ARE multi-generational effects that they cause that are not known yet. That has been absolutely directly told to me by the same divine beings who are saving us from the natural events, and who have guided us this far. That will be fully exposed at some point. For now, please do everything possible to eliminate as many chemicals from the food you eat. Organic is nice, but availability may be problematic in the food shortages. Doing things like making your own food from non organic ingredients is still a lot better than getting everything premade and prepackaged.

You can use gardening to address the concerns listed in the two paragraphs above. First, you make your own food bypassing the entire supply chain. It can get you types and quantities that may or may not always be available. It also means that you directly control many of the chemicals that are being used in the production of the food. I know it is not easy. I know many are in places where they are either not allowed to garden in their back yards, or they may not have back yards to garden in. Easy or not, it is possible. I am not saying to fill your bathtub up with dirt (yes I know someone who actually did that). I am saying that there are options like indoor hydroponics, potato buckets, or other things which can be done indoors, on patios, or in other areas which can be done without breaking local laws or rules. I will not explain all of the how on that one. My job is to tell you things you cannot easily get elsewhere. There are a number of great sites and videos on that subject which can help.

Please also look up food storage techniques. There are many. You can can, freeze, dry, or use a number of other methods to keep food stored well. You may wish to not grow all that many things like lettuce, as that is hard to store, and provides only minimal help with nutrition. Obtaining and then saving food is important. We will not need to be supplied forever. A reasonable supply that is rotated can help. Use what you store. Do not just store years worth of wheat and not have any way to grind or use it.

Wheat grinding can be very useful. You can grow your own wheat, then have enough to keep seed for replanting and also for eating. Wheat is famous for being used as long term storage, because when stored properly it can last a really long time. It is also famous for something that is used for food storage that is never actually used, but stored “just in case”. Well that just in case time is here, and even at that it will be useless if you do not know what to do. I will try to make a better page just on this later, but in case I do not, here are some basics, and you can research more other places.

Wheat is NOT just used to make bread, and yes there ARE other types than just hard red wheat. If you are new to grinding wheat, typically you may think of bread as the first thing you want to make. Honestly bread is the hardest thing to make (both in difficulty and in how it comes out. Yes it may look and feel like a very dense rock). It is HIGHLY IMPORTANT to know what types of wheat there are not just for what will grow in your climate, but also because each variety makes different types of food. Soft white wheat is used for pastries and some cakes Harder wheat is used for some breads. Durum (very hard wheat) is used for pasta. Using the wrong wheat variety for your project will make it far harder to get the appropriate results. You can make cookies, pancakes, waffles, quick breads (like banana, zucchini, and pumpkin breads, carrot cake), and biscuits fairly easily with 100% fresh ground flour. If you are making biscuits do use a “soaked grain” recipe in order for that to come out decently. If you use 100% fresh ground flour in normal bread recipes, it typically will be very dense. Normally a mix between fresh ground and milled flour (to remove the bran) is used.

I know this page is a bit of a random catch all, but as I do not have much time, it is the best I can do for now. I will try to make the site better if I have time. As there are certain things I have been warned about, I just need to get them out in whatever format I can, when I can. You probably will need to fill in the rest with more research on your own.

Lastly, medicine is a big concern. This is both because of the availability of it (or lack thereof) as well as the amount of intentionally harmful medicines (vacc!n3s) that are out there. As for traditional medicines. I would not urge any to stockpile, as that could take away valuable supplies for others, but as supplies hold, get what you can to keep a small extra supply. Be careful to not get so much that you cannot rotate the supply you have before things get too old to use. (There are some medicines that can safely be taken after they expire, but you would need to research that elsewhere). There is nothing complex about this. Just get what you need being careful not to inconvenience others. Also, AVOID VACC!N3S!!!. Yes I intentionally misspell that. Search algorithms and automated things from the deep state do exist and do not like those who speak out against them. They are part of a hidden plot to hurt humanity. That is not fiction. It is real, and it will be disclosed.

There may be times when you cannot get the exact medicines that you need. Please understand that our modern idea of health care and medicine was given to us by an industry that wants to be the only game in town for health care. If you have a problem, then take a medication for it. That is actually a DEEPLY flawed and known wrong approach. Yes there are medicines we can need desperately. The reality is that FIRST we need to make sure our body is running well and in harmony with everything it should. Watch your stress levels. That does make you ill. Watch the chemicals in your food and environment,. They DO make you ill. Keeping good nutrition, enough sun each day, and away from over processed and highly chemically treated foods (be careful of wheat that is not organic, oats, high fructose corn syrup, beet sugar, and processed non organic sugar). Live with giving your body the rest, relaxation, and nutrition it needs while avoiding damaging things, and that is the first line of defense in keeping healthy.

There are also treatments that can be given naturally without any medicine. For example, if you have diarrhea then eating rice can absorb a lot of the extra water, leaving your body more able to fix the problem. It is very effective if done right. If you have the opposite problem, a lot of whole grains can help quite a lot. If you have other stomach problems, then yogurt is a great solution. LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOGURT! A lot of problems arise from the lack of good gut bacteria. It is a good idea to not breed the colony of bacteria you use for yogurt just based on taste alone. Try to get a good colony of helpful bacteria that can replace much needed good bacteria in your digestive system. The highly processed foods often kill good gut bacteria. If you take antibiotics, is it especially important to replace those. I could go on with more examples, but you can research those elsewhere.

To wrap this page up, please just understand that we are not going to be left completely on our own. We will always have help, even though it does not look like it. We do not need to worry about literally starving to death (though some may have good reasons to fear that). We do need to worry about the types of food we get and keeping away from too much stress (and damaging things like vacc!n3s and highly processed food). This is part of a tribulation that WILL END. It is scheduled to end roughly around the end of 2024. At that point, we should be free form the corrupt and starting a slow rebuilding process. We will see the second coming (not allowed to give a rough year for that, but don’t worry it is not too far off). Do worry about odd nuts that get too scared and have one off or smaller scale problems of panic caused things. Having personal protection may in some cases be a good idea, though once the panic stops, we should be fine. The Era of Peace is being ushered in and there will not be as much need of worrying about corrupt and violent people, once we get through the worst of this.

(Please note that the page was made in early to mid 2020. If I can update this as things happen more, I will)