How to Get Through This Mini-Apocalypse

SEPTEMBER 28 2021 UPDATE: Sorry but there have been changes to the plan. It had been planned to save Earth. Now the plan is just to end it. The time has come. This is now not going to be a mini Apocalypse. It is now the end of Earth. The world got too messed up to bother saving. Don’t worry. All students should return home within about 2 to 4 years from now roughly. Yes plans may change again, but they probably won’t this time. If they do, sorry for panicking anyone. As of now though, just live each day trying to do your best. Once you get back home, there will be a lot of training to do.

Welcome to T-0. Welcome to the Mini-Apocalypse. Time is up. The old Era that we had always known is officially over now. The new Era is starting. While I know it is scary with all the meteors, tsunami(s), and many other scary things going on, this site is here to remind you of the rough schedule of natural events, and what the goal is moving forward. What will life be like when this is all over? (very good actually) These are all questions this site will answer for you.

Please remember, that this IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!!! (Update: Sorry, as of the latest changes to the plan, yes it is the end of the world. Long story, I will explain later). It is NOT the full blown Apocalypse that many expected. What it is, is a cleansing and a bit of a reset. It is the BEGINNING of an Era and (for us) not the end of one. At the time of this writing, the biggest events will not start for at least about another year. As I may not be here for the main show, I need to get this information out now. I will try to see if someone can keep this up to date once the disasters start. Please be aware though that even though nothing has started yet, I do know the schedule, the safe places and what the next phases we will see are.

Remember, that if I did not, then I could not have known about all of this in advance. I have been giving the basics of what is going on in other places since 2017, but as that is all over the place, I made this website to give an all in one resource to help you know how to keep safe. (Please note that I cannot give so much information that it will give the bad people safe, so you may need a bit of prayer or pondering to fill in some of the details I am intentionally leaving out). There should be plenty of information to make sure you and your family are safe and get through these rough times.

Also, while there are orbs, and other things coming, I may not be able to cover every thing. There are a lot of different natural events that have and will be seen going forward. There are too many things to list here. There have already been plagues of locusts, odd water phenomenon, orbs (though the news does not tell you about that), slight changes in the tilt of the Earth, and much more. There is no one that, in my opinion, really covers the orbs well. The science of why orbs are there and do what they do is past what we have readily available. So do expect a grab bag of stuff. Just note that the information I give here does in general apply to all types of disasters. Be ready for anything, but the US is protected from any phenomenon that would be too dangerous. Also not covered yet is the dwarf sun. There are some that have good data about that but again the purpose of this site is preparation and knowing what will and what will not be problems.

Update: The whole schedule has been delayed slightly. We are still in the transition to the Era of Peace, but there were some unplanned delays. As civilization wide educational goals take priority over even nature, the meteors and such have been delayed a bit. The nature stuff is still scheduled, but not until at least November 2021 or later for the first meteor strikes (probably later). Same things apply as what I wrote in this site, but note that there may be delays from timelines given. Educational goals come first, so plans and nature will be different based on the needs of the civilization, and what paths best set Earth towards an Era of Peace. There is a plan behind even the random seeming nature stuff. The nature things that are not cabal caused are some parts random, and other parts designed to bring the world towards peace, though it may not seem like it at the time. End update.